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  • i'm a cartoonist based in beloved, awful cornhell ohio </3 i graduated from ccad's comics program with my bachelor's degree in may 2023!

  • i want so badly to be the mysterious artist who drops art and nothing else, but i talk too much, so there is no mystique.

  • my specialty is drawing rabbits, as you can probably tell by the everything about this website

  • vocaloid is my greatest passion. yamaha please hire me to make a vocaloid vb. my number is

  • jokes aside, my hobbies include toy collecting and compiling vocaloid history :)

feel free to get into contact with me here!
i cant get the email button working for some reason so if youre wanting to reach me there, my email is [email protected] for business inquiries!

about the book

"in the nighttime" is a book of short stories, written and illustrated by felix hustead.
the stories written take place at night - in dreams, and in the waking world, and feature conversations that may or may not have happened with people who may or may not exist.

Genre: Fiction
Author/Illustrator: Felix Hustead
Size: 5”x7”
Pages: 20
Format: E-book / Please email for info on physical copies
Pricing: $10.00 / pay what you want
Retailers: Gumroad

about the author

Felix Hustead is a writer and artist based in Westerville, Ohio. In the 13th annual “Celebrate the Arts” writing contest, they placed second in their age range for their short story, “freya’s story,” and their work has been published in the contest’s writing contest book, as well as in the ThisWeek newspaper. Felix believes that their best ideas come at night– and they’re only right before midnight hits. As of the time of writing, they are currently enrolled at the Columbus College of Art and Design, pursuing a degree in Comics and Narrative Practice.

commissions are currently open!

things i CAN make for you:

  • simple/complex illustrations

  • comics

  • simple animations (gif format)

  • short stories

things i canNOT make for you:

  • a website (making this one was a struggle and its literally a template. im sorry)

  • food (i burn water sometimes. its deeply embarrassing)

  • homunculi (listen man i saw fullmetal alchemist. im not fucking with that shit find somebody else)

commission prices

  • all prices are in us dollars!

  • colored sketches: $15 for busts, $20 for half body, and $30 for full body

  • finished linework: $30 for busts, $40 for half body, and $50 for full body

  • flat color adds $20

  • shading adds $10

  • additional characters are an extra $10

  • backgrounds can add $10 or more - it depends on the complexity of what you want drawn!

  • comic commissions are an option, but you must be aware that these take a good deal longer than regular illustration commissions!

please email ([email protected]) or message me on discord (likeiron) for business inquiries!


comic pages


short stories
(can shoot me a message for more examples!)